Sonic's New Milkshakes Are Turning Heads

Here's a bit of good news to relieve your election week stress: we're getting two new Sonic Drive-In milkshakes, both with a caffeinated twist. According to Best Products, the new Sonic shake flavors – Espresso Classic Shake and Oreo Espresso Master Shake — were leaked on the Facebook page of a Sonic location in Kansas a week before they were officially announced, with the chain finally confirming the new flavors this morning in a press release on Business Wire

According to the press release, the Espresso Classic Shake "blends a bold, double shot of espresso with SONIC's creamy, 100% Real vanilla Ice Cream," while the Oreo Espresso Master Shake is basically the same, but with Oreo pieces. "The Espresso Shakes feature a smooth and energizing balance as two different flavors collide," said Scott Uehlein, the chain's vice president of product innovation and development. Uehlein went on to describe the caffeinated treats as "...the perfect pairing in the moments that our guests are in search of that irresistible pick-me-up in their day."

Here's what customers have to say about Sonic's new espresso shakes

Fast food reviewers Melz & Chris got to try the shakes even before their official release (via YouTube). "Ohhhh my god that is so... good," said Chris, trying the Espresso Classic Shake. "I have to say thank you Sonic. You took my favorite things in the world and you turned it into a shake. You've got your ice cream, you've got your coffee..." Melz agreed, saying, "This is so good, mmm... oh my gosh." The pair liked the Oreo variety even better: "You get the chocolatey, like oreo-y deliciousness. It's so good," exclaimed Chris. "This my new favorite, hopefully they keep this for a while," said Melz.

You can order the new espresso shakes on Sonic's website or through the chain's app. For extra decadence, you can add toppings like caramel and hot fudge and mix-ins like peanut butter and chocolate syrup. These espresso shakes are only available at Sonic for a limited time, so if you want to try one be sure to order it soon.