The Reason You Should Avoid Buying Cereal At The Dollar Store

The dollar store is the ultimate destination for many bargain hunters on the search for affordable deals. Good Housekeeping recommends purchasing items like bread, books, cleaning products, stationery, spices, candy, and more from the Dollar store for some of the best deals you can find. Ever wondered what makes dollar so affordable overall? According to Reader's Digest, some of the reasons dollar stores are convenient and so cheap include the fact that they buy stuff in bulk, offer liquidated products to their customers, and have inventory that is almost always evolving.

As a Reddit user put it, "Most of the products sold at the dollar store near my place just aren't very good quality. I shop there regularly and buy things like cat food, cat litter, and paper towels, but things like cosmetics, bath products, and housewares just aren't very good." While it's true that you're better off buying some items from other places, discount stores work quite well when it comes to purchasing miscellaneous items like party supplies. But of the things you shouldn't be purchasing from these kinds of stores, cereal boxes rank fairly high. Here is why.

The amount of product you get isn't worth it

What's wrong with buying cereal at dollar stores? It may seem like a cheap option, but you won't actually be getting your money's worth. As per Cheapism, cereal stocked at dollar stores may have less product than you'd expect. The same goes for chips, too. You basically won't get as much as you're paying for and that's certainly a letdown. According to reviews by taste testers, cereal from a dollar store didn't deliver in terms of flavor either (via Money Crashers). 

A tester thought the cereal tasted like it was stale while for another reviewer, it was too crunchy and sweet. Overall, it was a disappointing purchase that didn't seem worth the hassle. Plus, as Reader's Digest puts it, off-brand items may not be great in terms of quality, and unless they have solid reviews backing them, it's too risky to buy them without knowing what they're actually like. The bottom line? Purchase generic cereal boxes from other grocery stores for better deals.