This 1800s Mansion Is Also A McDonald's

If you've ever felt like you've seen one too many golden arches when driving around your town, then you can probably appreciate the only McDonald's location in Freeport, Maine. According to Business Insider, the small seaside town received its first and only McDonald's in 1984, and it's located inside a preexisting mansion built in the 1800s! It's certainly a far cry from your typical fast food restaurant.

The 150-year-old colonial mansion was built by William Gore, a prominent Freeport merchant, in 1850. That's why the mansion is known as the Gore House. Initially, the 6,200 residents of this small town were not too keen on accepting a McDonald's location, but the chain eventually acquired the house to abide by the city's strict building design codes. That's why there's so little signage at this McDonald's location — the fast food restaurant is meant to blend in with the rest of the area (via Insider). So if you happen to be in Freeport, you will really have to look to find this McDonald's.

The inside isn't so different from your regular McDonald's

At the time the historic looking McDonald's store was built in 1984, Stephen Leroy, a McDonald's media relations manager, told The New York Times, "What we are doing there is something we probably have never done before in terms of design and the amount of time and effort involved." The project required that McDonald's spend more money to adapt the chain to fit in with the history, community, and people of Freeport. Their efforts paid off. The house is stunning with its classic features such as wooden shutters and front stoop (via Business Insider).

The interior of the house, however, is not so different from your typical McDonald's. While there are carved wooden chairs, mahogany booths, and a fireplace inside the dining area, there are also modern fast food mainstays. According to Insider, you'll still find touchscreens and other high-tech features found in most McDonald's locations today. Even so, it's still an unusual McDonald's location, and worth a visit if you find yourself in the area. It isn't even the only mansion McDonald's in the United States, though. You can also visit the Denton House McDonald's location in New Hyde Park, New York, which even has a stunning interior to match the historic exterior (via Atlas Obscura).