The Untold Truth Of Mushroom Beer

Beer is one of those drinks that can be enjoyed absolutely anywhere: on a holiday, after an excruciatingly long day at work, at an office party, while watching a sports match, and elsewhere. The world of beer is vast and fascinating. Whether you're a fan of lager, stout beer, wheat beer, or prefer downing Indian Pale Ales (IPAs), it's highly likely that you'll find something that truly appeals to your unique taste. On that note, one of the more unusual options you can opt for is a pint of mushroom beer. Not sure what that could taste like? 

As unconventional as mushroom beer sounds, it's supposed to be mostly a dark beer that tastes earthier than other types, according to The Takeout. Hundreds of options exist and the beer has rich and complex tones. The mushroom craze was first promoted by Tröegs Independent Brewing Company in 2013. Other options have now popped up such as the mushroom beer at Scratch Beer and Jester King Brewery's Snörkel. In fact, Scratch has a whole line of mushroom beers for enthusiasts to explore.

The composition of mushroom beer

When it comes to mushroom beer, the quality of the mushrooms is vital. They're supposed to be used in powdered form during the brewing process. According to Beer & Brewing, the mushrooms are bound to be different based on the supplier and this will have a definite impact on the quality of beer that you end up tasting. It's a good idea to a little bit of research and figure out which brewery appeals to you the most.

What do people who've tried mushroom beer think of it? Redditors shared their thoughts on mushroom beers. "Tried a mushroom beer at an Organic Beer Fest," one commentator wrote. "Thought it would be gross but it was actually quite tasty. Sort of an earthy taste, not too much of a mushroom taste at all. It was a stout, would totally drink again." 

As unusual as mushroom beers sound, it seems like they're worth a shot if you feel like going for something different. Another Reddit commentator waxed poetic about a mushroom beer they tried at a former brewery in Cincinnati. "I miss that beer. I know the brewer still works in the industry here in Cincinnati and I keep hoping I'll see it again someday," they wrote. They added that while they adore mushrooms in general, they do not like brown ales and felt unsure about trying a mushroom beer, but loved it. So the next time you're feeling slightly adventurous, consider a beer made from mushrooms.