Cheetos Just Upgraded Your Old-School Holiday Popcorn Tin

Popcorn is more than just a classic movie theater snack or easily microwaveable treat – it's also a neat, old-school option for the holidays. Per Best Products, a decorative popcorn tin filled with an assortment of popcorn flavors makes for a fun holiday gift. This is, of course, also an excellent way to combine a cool-looking reusable gift with a welcome savory snack. Still, what if you aren't in the mood for any old popcorn flavors? What if you want to go all in and have some Cheetos under your tree? 

Well worry not! If you were wary of the snackable present, this holiday season might be the perfect time to reconsider gifting a popcorn tin, because (luckily for everyone who likes a decorative storage vessel and having Cheeto dust covered fingers) Cheetos has introduced its flavored popcorn into the mix like only they can. Yes, Cheetos just upgraded the old-school holiday popcorn tin — let's see what their modern version is like. 

Not your grandma's hooliday popcorn tin

Per Delish, Cheetos version of the seasonal popcorn gift goes by the name Cheetos Holiday Popcorn Tin, and is a Walmart-exclusive, limited-edition item. The packaging goes all in with the usual bold Cheetos graphic design, featuring Chester Cheetah wearing sunglasses and a Santa hat, offering fistfuls of delicious Cheetos popcorn. Inside the 14-ounce tin, you'll find two bags of different Cheetos Popcorn. It probably goes without saying that one flavor is the seasonally-appropriate colored and ever popular Flamin' Hot, while the other one is the always welcome Cheddar variety.  

Apart from being, you know, full of Cheetos Popcorn, the tin comes with the added advantage of not requiring any wrapping. After all, it's plenty festive on its own; and what's more, the product comes with a matching gift tag. If you know someone who really enjoys Cheetos, this is basically the ultimate way to ease them into the spirit of the holidays. The Cheetos Holiday Popcorn Tin costs $7.98, and is available at Walmart from November 1st through December, while supplies last.