The Customer Behavior That Walmart Employees Can't Stand

One of the biggest names in American retail, Walmart had rather humble beginnings. According to Good Housekeeping, the brand was founded in Arkansas and was the brainchild of entrepreneur Sam Walton. Interestingly, he first started working in the industry at a J.C. Penney outlet in Iowa as a sales employee. He didn't particularly like it, though. Essentially, Walton's bookkeeping was chaotic because he wasn't a fan of making customers wait while he figured out the paperwork, and his boss wasn't pleased with him. Well, thankfully, Walton ended up embarking on a journey of his own and came up with his own store, achieving an incredible amount of success.

When it comes to shopping at Walmart, it can be a bit daunting to navigate the sheer number of options available. When you finally get done with your shopping and head to the checkout area, you can't help but sigh sometimes when you look at the queues. Maybe you'll try a hack or two to get through the cumbersome process faster. However, in an attempt to avoid the annoyance of waiting in long lines, there's at least one thing customers do that seems to really irk Walmart workers. Read on for the full lowdown.

They hate it when customers try paying at the wrong counter

Reddit post by a self-identified employee briefly outlined a behavior that can really irritate a Walmart worker. They wrote, "If [I] have one more person bring me $500 worth of groceries to my electronics register at 8:29 and say, 'Can [I] buy these here?', I'm gonna lose it." Well, that is a reasonable complaint. Other Reddit users agreed. One commenter noted that as an employee at the store, they dodge such tricky customers by saying that they cannot deal with grocery items and are only allowed to check out electronics. 

A customer wondered why people choose to go all the way to the electronics counter to buy all the non-electronics they picked out: "In every Walmart I've been in, electronics is in the back of the store. Wouldn't they have to walk past the normal registers anyway? Why are people trying to check out groceries back there?" Other commenters chimed in and explained that people want to avoid queues and long waiting times. But that just slows down the employees in the electronics section.