The Real Reason Your Stuffed Mushrooms Are Soggy

What's one comforting dish that can complement several occasions? Stuffed mushrooms, of course! You could spice things up with garlic and parmesan cheese. As illustrated by Delish, you can experiment with a Philly cheesesteak-style stuffing, use bacon and cheese, make pizza-style stuffed mushrooms, or go with any number of flavor combinations based on your preferences.

You could try preparing a delicious batch of mushroom appetizers with the added twist of jalapeño poppers (via The Chunky Chef). This spicy dish is perfect for a snack or when you want to delight your guests at a house party and can definitely make things more exciting with its burst of flavors! The best part? It's not complicated and doesn't need too many ingredients. However, one thing you want to be mindful of while cooking stuffed mushrooms is avoiding sogginess. How? Read on for nifty solutions that may save your dish the next time you decide to prepare stuffed mushrooms.

Tips for avoiding soggy mushrooms

Jo Cooks writes that mushrooms are made up almost entirely of water – 92 percent – and says you should bake them first to get rid of moisture beforehand. The site also cautions against soaking mushrooms you intend to stuff, noting that they "absorb water like sponges" and won't brown properly if waterlogged.

A Redditor asked fellow cooking enthusiasts for help coming up with solutions to avoid soggy mushrooms. They wrote, "So I make these stuffed mushrooms all the time whenever there's a special occasion and people love it, however, I do realize that every time it comes out a little watery and the juices are all over the cooking pan whenever I take it out of the oven. It also [makes] the inside of the stuffing [a] little undercooked." 

One of the answers suggested that the mushrooms were probably undercooked and could stand to stay in the oven for as long as an extra 10 minutes. The commenter also recommended monitoring how the mushrooms are shaping up. while they cook. A different Redditor said to add salt to the stuffing for the mushrooms after cooking, claiming "it'll draw out less water." A third helpfully recommended, "Use a broiler pan. All the juices drop to the bottom. Works like a charm."