Fans Think This Harry Styles Pancake Looks Too Good To Eat

It all started with TikTok account @drdancake, a group of pancake artists who share videos of their art on the social media platform. @drdancake has made pancakes resembling Ariana Grande, Mario Bros characters, and Elsa from Frozen in the past — but their Harry Styles pancake creation (literally a portrait of the artist, in pancake batter) set to his iconic "Watermelon Sugar" track set TikTok off like a bomb. As of this writing, the post has accumulated an astonishing 2.8 million views, nearly 950,000 likes, and over 19,000 comments, most to the tune of "I could never eat that," "What??," "I would frame it," and, "Great, I'm in love with a pancake now."

Dan Drake (the chef who founded the group and created the Harry Styles-inspired breakfast food) once told Riverfront Times that if he had could choose any superpower, it would be to "shoot pancake batter from my eyes. It would make for a fun change of pace at events," in case you had any doubts that @drdancakes make their creations for any motive other than love. These days, you can find Dan Drake cooking up intricate pancakes for billionaires and offering up pancake art tutorials. Although the team hasn't offered up a Harry Styles pancake tutorial yet, they have freeze-dried the pancake and put it up for auction on the Dancakes website

The bidding war for the preserved Harry Styles pancake

If you're interested in owning this peculiar piece of art, hurry up! There is only one day left to bid on Harry Style's face in pancake form. The pancake (made, presumably, with "watermelon sugar... taste like strawberries" as described in the song) took 25 to 35 minutes to create "from start, flip, finish," according to its bidding page. It's "freeze-dried, preserved in resin, framed in a handmade 8″ x 11″ wood frame and painted with a semi-transparent candy pink stain." It's current going price? 150 U.S. dollars. 

"I got started as a fry cook at a diner in my hometown of St Louis, just making smiley face pancakes to try and make extra tips," Drake told 7News"the first time I served one, a gentleman gave me $15 and I thought, 'Well, I guess I'll just keep doing that.'" He hasn't looked back since. Today, the @drdancake pancake art team is made up of seven souls, none of whom ever imagined that they'd be in the pancake art business. Benjamin Daniel, Co-owner and pancake artist, writes in his bio that he got into the business through "Dumb luck." "I'm jetting all over the world making pancake faces, befuddled to how the heck I fell into this line of work. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but neither do most things in life. Just enjoy." We can't wait to see what they whip up next.