Aldi's Vegan Almond Nog Has Fans Divided

One of the biggest retailer chains in the industry, Aldi has a wide range of vegan products for those who prefer to stay away from animal products. As Spoon University explains, Aldi has all types of affordable vegan options, such as Earth Grown vegan burgers, almond milk from Friendly Farms, and Season's Choice Riced Cauliflower. In fact, animal rights organization PETA honored Aldi with the "Top Grocer" award. 

PETA praised Aldi for the fact that it stocks so many different varieties of vegan products, from meatless meatballs to eggplant ravioli and vegetable pot stickers. The organization noted that Aldi understands it needs to cater to its customers and offer them ways to find products that match their lifestyles and preferences. Among Aldi's many vegan offerings is Almond Nog from Family Farms, a replacement for eggnog that receives quite a bit of attention from shoppers. But when it comes to drinking the vegan version of this traditional drink, is it a yay or nay? Here's what we know.

Fans are split on Aldi's Almond Nog

A shopper at Aldi posted on Instagram about coming across the Almond Nog from Friendly Farms at Aldi. They noted that the drink was worth trying but wasn't exactly mind-blowing. "I tried this last year and while it wasn't bad it didn't give me that egg nog taste I wanted. [...] This is still worth a try though," they wrote. As per an article by Hip2Save, the drink is vastly different from traditional eggnog and lacks the texture of the original version. However, the piece noted that it tastes like authentic eggnog and is a popular option for many vegans looking for a safe alternative.

A Redditor wrote that they enjoy the taste of the drink even though it's thinner and less creamy than eggnog. They added that the lower amount of calories compared to traditional eggnog is a plus. Another Reddit user said that even though they love almond milk and prefer to make their drink thinner whenever they sip on eggnog, they found the Almond Nog from Aldi too weird for their taste. Looks like the only way to know for sure is to get your hands on a carton and try some Almond Nog for yourself.