Stove Top's Unusual New Products Are Turning Heads

Stove Top is really taking the idea that "you are what you eat" to a new level this holiday season. The company announced a new product launch on November 17th and it's not what you think (via Best Products). First, you'll want to prepare by putting away all the pots and pans, and instead get comfy for some online retail therapy. Stove Top is releasing an all-new line of wearable merchandise with a (you guessed it) stuffing theme.

Fun fact: whether you call it stuffing or dressing is not generally based on the ingredients, but instead how you cook it (via Food and Wine). Stuffing goes on the inside to cook, dressing stays in a pan separate from the protein.

Back to Stove Top: the brand shared more about their upcoming product launch describing it as, "What's that intoxicating aroma? But of course, it's the unmistakable scent of sartorial sophistication. This Thanksgiving, give your guests a reason to be truly grateful with the synesthesia inducing #LetsGetStuffy fashion collection, available in limited quantities 11/17!" (via Instagram). There's a website ready to share this product launch, but direct item details are still pending.

Fortunately, we've got the lowdown on what to expect.

A Stove Top smoking jacket to match your turkey

The first item you'll glimpse is a signature stuffing smoking jacket (turkey smoking, of course). This red velvet jacket features a savory bread liner with shiny black lapels and costs $30. And what jacket would be complete without signature cufflinks? Called by the fitting name "stufflinks" these carb-inspired accessories will be available for $9.50. Top off the look with your own stuffing handkerchief/pocket square for an additional $4.79.

But don't worry, there's ample carb-themed attire for the more feminine look. Try out a new stuffing shawl, fit to match any enormous meal. Double-sided, this lightweight accessory features the signature stuffing-print on one side, and a solid yellow on the other with the Stove Top logo. The shawl wrap will cost you $11.50 and can be combined with a retro headband that features the stuffing print again in a gathered soft fabric with a bow-like front for $6.99.

The Stove Top merchandise follows 2017's highly successful and entertaining sale of "stuffing pants," (via USA Today). The originals were unisex lounge pants with a maternity-style stretchy top ready to accommodate even the largest food baby.

In a year where so much has been severe and serious, Stove Top brings us a little levity. So mark your calendars and order up — this year's Thanksgiving holiday photos are gonna be fantastic.