The Clever Ingredient Lisa Rinna Adds To Her Chicken Soup

Lisa Rinna is famous for her roles in Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place, but most recently she's clung to notoriety through her long stint on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She's brought us moments like this iconic and convincing glass-throwing fight over dinner, firing off well-placed accusations of drug use, and being one of the few people who would be able to muster up a single tear during an emotionally wrought reckoning over a gifted stuffed bunny. Entertainment Weekly even called her a "drama sprinkler in a storyline drought."

Coincidentally or not, she's also no stranger to drama in the kitchen. Whether she's cheerily chatting about popping Xanax into a smoothie, whipping out her bulging bag of pills at the counter or fighting with her husband about whether or not leaving butter out will lead to salmonella, the kitchen isn't immune to Rinna's quotable moments. We know she hates pink marshmallows, pink sweet and sour pork, and cheese curds (via Bravo TV). Oh, but she loves celery juice.

Rinna adds drama to a chicken soup classic

Rinna also been documenting her hilarious though somewhat questionable quarantine cooking projects, and now she's even shaking up the cracker world. That's right, RHOBH star Lisa Rinna revealed that she eats her chicken noodle soup with... Cheez-Its (via Bravo TV). Forget those weirdly tasteless oyster crackers or the equally bland saltine — Rinna has taken chicken noodle soup to a whole new level, so I guess we can forgive her for the whole celery juice thing.

On November 12th, Rinna uploaded an Instagram story which showcased her bowl of chicken soup (placemat and all) sporting a handful of Cheez-Its sprinkled on top. It may not look all that appetizing, but we think it's kind of genius, and we may never go back to plain soup or cheeseless crackers again. With 2.6 million Instagram followers ready to hit the streets in search of Cheez-Its fit for all those winter quarantine soup cravings we're likely to have, it might be time to invest in some Kellogg's stock. Now that, my friends, is clever.