Why Great British Baking Show Fans Want This Contestant To Come Back

An 80's-themed ice cream cake showstopper challenge on The Great British Baking Show (also known as The Great British Bake Off) recently sent contestant Lottie Bedlow home, much to the dismay of fans everywhere (per Metro). The deck seemed stacked against Lottie from the start of this challenge, as it reportedly took place on the hottest day of the year, but, alas, the judges can't make exceptions for weather.

According to the Daily Express, Lottie's cassette tape-shaped cake melted beyond recognition, and the 31-year-old was sent home. The decision came as somewhat of a shock, given that Lottie had previously been named star baker and — hello! — she was the first to receive Paul Hollywood's coveted handshake this season (per Metro). Of that enviable moment of recognition, the wittily sarcastic Lottie quipped, "I felt nothing." That brand of dry humor is precisely what has fans lamenting the loss of Lottie so much. According to the Twitterverse, the show is just plain boring without her.

Fans say The Great British Baking Show isn't the same without Lottie

Fans who tuned into the first episode of The Great British Baking Show following Lottie Bedlow's elimination found the competition a little lackluster, to say the least. One user on Twitter commented, "@BritishBakeOff bring back #Lottie I keep looking for her and her ironic asides but you got rid of her!" Another proclaimed, "I don't care what anyone says this series isn't the same without my fave, #Lottie. She brought the SASSSSS!"

The reaction from fans makes sense — according to Grazia, Lottie developed a reputation as the show's cool, if intimidating, "it-girl" among Twitter users early on this season. One user tweeted, "Lottie on #GBBO is giving me vibes of that one older girl in secondary school that we were all in love with, who was great at art and shrugging," while another confided, "Can confirm I'd do any dare Lottie challenged me to at a sleepover."

It's doubtful The Great British Baking Show will actually indulge pleas to invite the fan favorite back. But, if you need a quick fix, you can always join her 104,000 (and growing) followers on Instagram.