How McDonald's Plans To Speed Up Its Drive-Thru

Big Mac and Quarter Pounder fans can now get their burgers even faster than before — with a side of hot fries of course. McDonald's recently revealed plans to upgrade its drive-thru experience for customers, according to CNN. The restaurant chain is testing out an express line for those that place digital orders ahead of time. That way, burger enthusiasts can skip the lines and hunger pains. This move is important for McDonald's, since it has been experiencing a decline in sales and is hoping faster drive-thru times will help bring patrons back. 

A recent study by the market research group SeeLevel HX, found McDonald's to be slower than Burger King, KFC, and Taco Bell. It also makes financial sense for McDonald's to make this update, as WIRED reported that 70 percent of its sales have occurred through the drive-thru. "It's a must-do, now," Lucy Brady, McDonald's digital engagement effort, told the publication. "It's no longer optional." However, improving lines is just one way the chain is planning to increase their numbers.

McDonald's is also planning to roll out a loyalty program

To increase sales McDonald's will also be featuring a new loyalty program called MyMcDonald's through its app, according to WIRED. The service will be launching next year and will let customers earn points for their food and drink orders. The chain will also be using Dynamic Yield technology for its kiosk menu that will feature sleek digital menu boards.

"We have 40,000 restaurants around the world, and menu breadth that enables us to connect with customers day or night. Also, speed is in our DNA," Brady said (via QSR Magazine). "We invented 'quick service' 65 years ago and have continued to raise the bar and reset customer expectations of convenience over the years ... and we're not about to stop now."

However, If saving time isn't enough of a reason for you to order from McDonald's, it also has some new sandwiches to get fans excited again. The fast food chain is now offering customers the plant-based options the McPlant burger and crispy chicken sandwich.