Why You Should Pass On Soda At The Dollar Store

Most people like a nice, cool glass of soda every once in a while, but if you do the math, the costs really pile up over time. Fortunately, if you're not super particular about the brand, you can always save a bit by hitting your nearby dollar store for those precious bottles of sugary goodness. Or can you?

Common sense dictates that dollar stores should always be cheaper than the competition. While we technically do know that there are all sorts of reasons why the food they sell is so cheap, the whole "everything for $1" thing just pleases the budget-conscious consumer hiding within you. However, while there are certainly plenty of bargains among those aisles of off-brand delicacies and curious items, you might be surprised to find out that soda might not be one of them.

Let's take a look at why you should pass on soda at the dollar store.

Dollar store soda can be surprisingly expensive

It's good to keep in mind that dollar stores are businesses, and as such, they have all sorts of tricks to make money. While they might seem like the most cost-effective game in town if you're out for a few key items and aren't particular about the brand, there are actually plenty of food items you should never buy at the dollar store ... and soda is very much one of them. 

Per Today, dollar store soda might seem cheap as anything, but the bottles might also be smaller than what you get at a grocery store – so when you stop and do the math, it may actually far cheaper to buy two-liter bottles at a grocery store. It's not all about bottle sizes, either - Today's experts state that the overall pricing of soft drinks in dollar stores is not all that competitive. 

Fortunately, there's still one way to save money and drink soda: buying in bulk. Instead of grabbing a bottle whenever you feel like it, plan ahead and hit a huge warehouse store for great bulk deals. It's probably not the healthiest purchase you'll make in your life, though, so at least make sure you won't drink it all at once.