Reese's Giant Chocolate Santa Has People Talking

Some seriously holly-jolly news has been delivered, folks. The epic one-pound Reese's Santa that you've been patiently waiting for has finally hit shelves in a lot of Walmart stores across the country. Like most seasonally-shaped Reese's, this one just has to be better than your traditional cup. Not to mention, it's a lot bigger than most of Reese's other holiday shapes. We think know this mammoth chocolate treat is sure to be a hit — as well as one awesome treat or stocking stuffer for any peanut butter cup lover in your life (via Delish). 

The giant Reese's Santas were first spotted on November 10th by the Instagram user @familyfooddude. The post, captioned: "okay, NOW it's officially the holiday season," rapidly gained more than 1,200 likes. Followers and other Instagram users were quick to comment on the post as well, and they were all incredibly excited to get their hands on a few of these peanut butter-filled chocolate Santas.

Here's what you need to know about Reese's giant Santa

You can buy the one-pound Reese's Santa from Walmart in stores and online. According to Delish, these delightful chocolate Santas cost about $11 each. Though some holiday Reese's shapes are just vague suggestions of a character or shape such as their Christmas trees or pumpkins, this chocolate Santa is incredibly detailed and defined. In the image shared by @familyfooddude, you can clearly see Santa sticking out the top of a snow-covered chimney with his signature hat, belt, and mittens. Plus, he's sporting a cheerful smile under his bushy beard, curling mustache, and thick eyebrows.

There's no doubt you'll want to pick one of these up for yourself as well since it's just too tempting to pass up. However, you will probably need to show some restraint when you take a giant bite into the top of the Reese's. Each Santa has 12 servings that contain 190 calories, so the whole Santa is close to 2,300 calories total, which no one needs to eat in one go. Keep your eyes open the next time your visit your local Walmart, and grab a few of these if you can find them.