The Real Reason People Can't Stop Talking About Gordon Ramsay's Mansion

Gasp if you have to. The newest social post to set Gordon Ramsay fans off isn't food-related, rather it's all about real estate. In the midst of England's second COVID-related lockdown, and while Hugh Grant is busy playing Barbies with his daughters in his London abode, the celebrity chef and his gigantic family have left London for Cornwall (via News Break). And, along with posting recipes for mouth-watering macaroni and cheese (like the late, great Anthony Bourdain, Ramsay has good taste when it comes to comfort foods), Ramsay has kept himself busy showing off how spectacular his Cornwall mansion is.

When The Mirror picked up on Ramsay's Instagram stories, they 'oohed' over the spectacular views from his living room, and 'awwed' over the mansion's eco-friendly living roofs. According to Cornwall Live, there's not a soul in Cornwall that will critique Ramsay or his family. Instead, and despite his livid TV antics and unbeatable food-related insults, locals describe him as "charming." (Given, it's hard to imagine that IRL Gordon Ramsay would strut around town calling people "f***ing doughnuts," and "idiot sandwiches.")

This is what Ramsay added to his house to increase its value

Don't get us wrong — Ramsay's Cornwall home wasn't exactly a fixer-upper to begin with. According to Hello, Ramsay and his family bought the Wadebridge property in 2015 for 4.4 million pounds (that's approximately 5.8 million USD). But if you're a Hell's Kitchen fan, you know that the celebrity chef isn't content with good. Ramsay longs for greatness. Which might be why he installed a 100,000-pound infinity pool on his property (where he's teaching his youngest to swim), along with a boat house and a wine cellar.

While Cornwall Live reports that Ramsay's house was, in its original form, a five-bedroom estate from the 1920s, he haggled for permission to bulldoze nearly all of it, and replace it with two separate houses. Stay in the first house, and cook from one of two kitchens and take showers in one of four en-suite bathrooms. Stay in the second, and choose from one of three bedrooms, while admiring a boat store. Of course, if Ramsay, his wife, and their five children get bored of the British countryside, they can always head stateside and enjoy their five-bedroom Beverly Hills home, which is located next to their close (very British) friends, David and Victoria Beckham (via The Daily Mail).