People Can't Stop Talking About These Cheesy Potato Gratins From Costco

As if you needed another excuse to go to Costco for $5 and buy $300 in groceries. People can't stop talking about these cheesy potato Mini Gratins in the frozen food aisle. Sold 18 to a pack, these bites are in simplest terms melty potato cheesy goodness, but when you bring them home you'll understand why you need to have this in your freezer. 

Costco has sold gratins before, but usually in a Costco-sized portion. For those of us with smaller households or larger waistlines – bulk-sized helpings of potato and cheese are on the shopping list. Instead, these mini treats can fill you with a taste of gratin-goodness on your own terms. One gratin will run you 100 calories. These bites are designed to be served as an appetizer layering sliced potatoes with elemental cheese, gorgonzola cheese, Gran Formaggio, and mozzarella (via Whole Foods).

Describes one reviewer, "Mini Gratins are basically cheese bites, and are fun-sized made with scalloped potatoes and four different cheeses – SO GOOD! These make the perfect side dish, so be sure to grab some now, available in LA and San Diego Costco locations!" (via Instagram). Just pop these beauties in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes and enjoy.

What's that now? Is this only available in California or my area too you ask? From what we can tell these appetizers are only available in bulk at limited Costco locations (via Facebook), but not to worry.

Mini Gratins are a cheesy member of the Savorly food family

Mini Gratins are made by the Savorly food brand and are sold in 6 packs across the U.S. at retailers including Whole Foods. And as far as Savorly, they also sell them from their website as part of a frozen snackstravaganza that they offer. It turns out potato and cheese are only one of the available gratin flavors as there is also a variety with cauliflower, broccoli, and elemental cheese (via Savorly). You can also try the Mini Pies, a set of 12 mini bites in 3 flavors featuring mushroom, red pepper, and mozzarella, or honey, rosemary, and goat cheese. Don't miss the Cocktail Bites (elemental cheese, spinach, and ricotta, tomato and vegetables, olive tapenade) the Mini Tarts (spinach and ricotta, sweet pepper and black olive, goat cheese and zucchini), or the Mezze Bites (goat cheese and sun-dried tomato, vegetables and oregano, and eggplant).

Overwhelmed yet? Us too. Fortunately, the company lets you order a welcome bundle of all 6 for $79.99 on their website. What a great option for holiday appetizers no matter who makes it to dinner in these uncertain times. So if you're like us and want to plan for all feasting contingencies, it's time to stop in the frozen food section – and savor the moment.