This Delaware Brewery Is Making A Joe Biden-Themed Beer

Biden-themed beer is already here. A Delaware brewery has decided to honor President-elect Joe Biden and Amtrak with a beer called Rail Car One: Wilmington to Washington (via Delaware Online). In a move that no one asked for, least of all the President-elect himself, who abstains from alcohol, Wilmington Brewery will release the beer on Dec. 7: Delaware Day, according to Delaware Online. We can't fault the brand for showing some state pride, though — and if its last limited edition Delaware-themed beer was any indication, the new beer, a triple dry-hopped brew, should do quite well (via the Takeout). Its "Delabear," named for a bear that apparently explored the streets of Wilmington last December, sold out in two days, says Delaware Online.

So why the train theme? Wilmington Brewery didn't think it would be fair to put Biden's face on the can, as he doesn't partake. Biden has noted that Instead, the can's theme and design is a nod to the Amtrak Acela, the train Biden used to commute from Wilmington into Washington, DC during his early Senate days (via The New York Times and Delaware Online).

Wilmington's Biden-themed beer and why he won't be drinking it

The can design will display an Amtrak train done in the style of a Works Progress Administration-era poster, complete with the colors of Air Force One, his future vehicle, and the train car number "0046," to signify Biden's stint as the 46th president (via Delaware Online). The label from Wilmington's only production brewery says, "While #46 may not engage in the occasional tipple, his fine friends in The First State certainly do. And that's something we can all agree on," Delaware Online reports. It also subtly features a pair of Biden's signature sunglasses.

Don't count on the President-elect to pour himself a glass, though. Biden, who has noted, "I have enough alcoholics in my family," is a strict teetotaler (via The New York Times). But though he won't smoke or drink, he's not free of an indulgence here or there, or actually, everywhere. He's been spotted eating ice cream — his vice of choice — all over the place, even professing at one point, "My name is Joe Biden and I love ice cream" (via the Hill). He's not exaggerating. Biden's campaign even spent over $10,000 on it, though to be fair, Eater reports it was for campaign donor gifts and not to feed his own, somewhat lovable addiction. Cheers, Delaware.