Sam's Club Just Made Your Thanksgiving 10 Times Easier

Whether you have big socially-distanced Thanksgiving plans or you're preparing to eat the contents of your refrigerator alone, the new holiday promotion from Sam's Club has your back, according to Delish. The superstore is offering "take and bake" style Thanksgiving foods to celebrate the holiday despite the current circumstances. As seen in an Instagram post from the account samsclubmembers, dishes include green beans, mac 'n' cheese, Waldorf salad, and mashed sweet potatoes complete with a healthy dollop of cinnamon butter.

So, if you aren't feeling particularly enthusiastic about celebrating this year, and even less enthusiastic about putting your culinary skills to the test when you've challenged yourself quite enough already in 2020 — thank you very much — you can grab a few classic Thanksgiving sides at your next Sam's Club run. Each dish costs about five to ten dollars, and all you have to do is preheat the oven. With minimal effort, your kitchen will smell like the pre-apocalypse Thanksgivings of the past, sans whatever culinary disaster you were bound to cause this year.

Wait, what about the Sam's Club turkey?

Sam's Club offers a precooked smoked hickory turkey you can serve alongside the aforementioned sides, and, according to its site, it's just as easy to prepare. Though the packaging is a bit misleading — the bird is wrapped in plastic just like the raw ones — the smoked turkey has, indeed, been smoked. The product details claim all you have to do is heat it up a little before serving, and according to a customer review, reheating it doesn't negatively impact the taste. The buyer said the turkey is "moist, juicy, and full of flavor" despite the fact that it's been cooked and frozen a few times. 

Still, there are so many ways to cook a turkey, and you might be better off choosing your own Turkey Day adventure based on your particular time and kitchen appliance restrictions. If you don't want a smoked turkey, Sam's Club sells raw turkeys of all shapes and sizes, with which you can do what you want. Without all those sides to cook, you can focus your full attention on the main dish, just as the pilgrims intended.