You Should Never Buy Frozen Sushi From Aldi. Here's Why

As a niche grocery chain, Aldi has managed to earn widespread appreciation from its fans across the US. According to Buzzfeed, what sets the store apart is the fact that you can get your hands on some incredible food products that are both relatively underrated and sold at throwaway prices. A few examples include Apple Cider Donuts, Bacon & Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese, Pumpkin Spice Bagels, Eggplant Cutlets, and more.

Aldi's fan following is no joke. Recently, a Redditor was so excited about an Aldi outlet's opening in their area that they waited in line for around three hours before the store opened its doors. When another Reddit user asked them about their experience, they replied that it more than lived up to their expectations and that their grocery bill was basically half of what it usually is.   

That said, some products at Aldi aren't so great. According to Cheapism, their cheapest coffee isn't quite worth the money saved, and you're better off spending a little more on more expensive coffee brands at the store. Similarly, when it comes to cereal, it's important to choose wisely and not opt for all the varieties if you're conscious about quality and taste. Aldi's frozen sushi is another item that lets you down when you're out on your grocery run. Read on for more details.

It's a disappointment

As highlighted by Cheapism, frozen sushi at Aldi is a huge letdown. The store offers options like the Fusia Shrimp and Avocado Roll at $4.99, but the product has received some truly awful reviews from those who have tried it. "It was okay. Edible, but not great," a customer wrote on Reddit. "I wish I had read the ingredients before purchasing. The shrimp is actually a shrimp [and] fish salad with artificial crab flavor. The avocado was present but in very small portions. There was way too much rice in my opinion," she added. She also didn't enjoy the fact that there are eggs in the roll and believed that the rolls didn't cook well in the microwave. 

Other shoppers have similar opinions on Aldi's frozen sushi. When a Redditor asked about the quality of frozen sushi at Aldi, a commenter revealed that he tried a packet of frozen sushi and didn't enjoy it. He wrote that his wife despised the flavor, and he tried eating the rolls but couldn't finish more than three pieces. He further added that while he can usually eat almost anything, he found it challenging to eat the sushi. Yikes.

You're better off ordering sushi from a nice restaurant near your place. Thank us later.