Costco Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of These Mini Drumstick Cones

Have you ever been eating an ice cream cone and thought, "I probably don't want this whole thing,"? Nope? Well, neither have we. Although, admittedly, there have been times when we realize we don't need an entire ice cream cone (eye roll). For those instances of self-deprivation, er... we mean self-control, Costco has just the thing — and it's a miniature version of a classic treat you probably already know and love.

Instagram user @costcobuys just shared the news that Costco is now carrying Nestlé brand Drumstick Mini Drums, and yep, the name means exactly what you think it does. Nestlé's website confirms Mini Drums are the tiny version of the brand's traditional Drumstick Sundae Cones. The Drumstick Mini Drums come with vanilla ice cream, coated in a chocolate shell, on top of a tiny waffle cone and they look perfect for bite-sized snacking with built-in portion control (via Walmart). @costcobuys' post shows a photo of the 40-count box which, according to the caption, only costs $9.99; and it's attracting a lot of attention.

How Drumstick Mini Drums compare to the original

The Drumstick Mini Drums have a lot going for them in terms of classic flavors, a cute size, and a wallet-friendly price tag. Plus, according to fans online, they're delicious! That is, if we're interpreting all the heart eye emojis accurately. Commenters offered helpful tips, too, like user @jenstelter who claimed, "[These] are the best! Great size for kids too," while advised, "These go quick because they are so small... need to get two boxes." Instagrammer @costcowins seems to agree — their enthusiastic endorsement read, "I love these!! I can eat so many at once haha!" 

Fortunately for fans, eating a bunch of Mini Drums at once isn't actually all that terrible for you. Compared to the original Drumstick cone, the mini cones are pretty waistline-friendly. Nutritionix says one Mini Drum contains 70 calories, four grams of fat, seven grams of carbohydrates, and five grams of sugar. Meanwhile, Nestlé's website lists a traditional vanilla Drumstick cone as having 300 calories, 15 grams of fat, 36 carbs, and 22 grams of sugar. It is also worth noting that the full size Drumstick comes coated with peanuts, while the Mini Drum is without (though it is not necessarily nut-free). If you are going to indulge in more than one, spare yourself the guilt and keep Facebook user Eric Wong's rationalization in mind. Wong noted, "10 fun size [Mini Drums] is only about 1.5 actual Drumsticks!" We like the sound of that.