These Popular Scented Candles Are The Perfect Gift For Dunkin' Lovers

Scented candles can set any mood, but what happens when you want to combine the ambiance of an intimately-lit space with the scents of your favorite restaurants? According to Spoon University, KFC blazed these trails years ago by releasing a fried chicken-scented candle but for anyone who doesn't want their house smelling like fried food, we finally have a solution that can please the pickiest of noses. For those of us who love Dunkin' Donuts and want to capture the olfactory pleasure of the chain's donuts and coffee at home, the wait is over.

According to a statement sent to Mashed, Dunkin' Donuts has released two new limited edition signature candles in collaboration with Homesick with scents taken from their classic products — their original blend coffee and old fashioned donuts. Anyone looking to snatch up one of these new products can order one today — according to Homesick, both scented candles can now be purchased from their online shop starting today with a base price of $34. According to the statement, if you want to take your Dunkin' candle to the next level, you have the option of adding a personalized message to the candle, including a holiday wish or name, to make the present resonate with anyone who loves collecting food memorabilia or the scent of donuts and coffee in the morning. According to the statement, each candle has a burn time of 60 – 80 hours and has been hand-poured in the U.S. using a soy wax blend.

What does a Dunkin' Donuts candle smell like?

The scent profiles of each candle contain a wealth of complexity. According to Homesick, the original blend candle has top notes of espresso and cold-brewed coffee, mid notes of caramel and vanilla extract and base notes of chocolate chips, sugar cane, and crème, while the old fashioned candle contains top notes of cinnamon sugar, vanilla, and nutmeg, mid notes of cinnamon and donuts, and base notes of clove and sugar cane. With a delectable combination of aromas like these, you can make any holiday gathering feel warm and cozy with scents we can love long past the holiday season.

According to the statement, this product can help ease some of the pains of social distancing this year due to the pandemic. "In a year when everyone could use a little more cheer, Dunkin' coffee and donuts and Homesick candles have both played a role in bringing people moments of comfort and joy," said Justin Unger, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Dunkin' Brands. "Our fans are as unique as their coffee orders and we wanted to bring back our collaboration with the fun new twist of personalization. [It] was an easy decision to team up with Homesick again to bring back those fan-favorite fragrances and allow people nationwide to experience Dunkin' at home."