This Hilarious Great British Baking Show Disaster Is Already A Meme

The Great British Baking Show contestants absolutely nailed it with their Cake Week entries this season and a high profile fan is taking note. As if baking a multi-layered cake on TV wasn't hard enough, The Great British Baking Show contestants were asked in episode 1 of this season to create likenesses of some of their favorite people — in fondant (via Delish). The contestants offered up everything from a greenish Bob Marley to a bust of Charles Darwin, a somewhat droopy David Attenborough to a questionable Lupita Nyong'o. But the one that took the cake? A hilariously terrible likeness of David Bowie's classic "Ziggy Stardust," complete with a conspicuous absence of a neck (via Netflix and Twitter). Even the baker, Marc Elliott, said the cake was "more like Jabba the Hut" than the Thin White Duke (although yes, we know, that was another of Bowie's many alter-egos).

Even the usually positive Prue Leith took one look at the cake and said, "Erm, that's about as far away from David Bowie as you could get" (via Netflix). However, all was not lost for the cake as fans took to the internet for some much-needed laughter. One such fan was David Bowie's son, filmmaker Duncan Jones, who tweeted a still of the cake with: "Just caught this episode of The Great British Baking Show.........." and a slew of emojis, including the cry-laugh one. We are all still laughing too, Duncan.

Twitter replies to amazingly bad cake recreations of Bowie and Mercury

The late superstar's son even posted a picture of the similarly terrifying "Ecce Homo," an incomplete amateur restoration of a Spanish fresco depicting the face of Christ that the Guardian wrote, "has become an irresistible visual shorthand for anything tending towards the disastrous." Other fans had their "Well, actually," moment, noting that Bowie with the lightning bolt makeup was actually Aladdin Sane of Bowie's sixth studio album (via All Music). Okay, guys, we get it.

More GBBO viewers had some choice words for the cake fails as well, noting the equally hilarious attempt at Freddie Mercury in his yellow jacket by contestant Laura Adlington, which really looks more like a buck-toothed snowman. One user, @Manicboo, wrote "Freddie Mercury – The Cartman Years" and there were the inevitable plays on words, including @Yeahgirlleanne's comment, "Another one bites the dust," and @DrCerithJones' pun "I want to cake free!" Chances are, though, both Bowie and Mercury's good-humored ghosts would be rolling — with laughter — in their graves if they could see these iconic recreations of their most famous looks.