These Boozy Christmas Ornaments Are Turning Heads

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Christmas brings a smile to everyone's face, but the preparations it takes to get to the big day can probably add a few gray hairs to anyone looking to go all-out. This holiday-induced panic can do some serious damage — according to The Guardian, Christmas stress can actually increase your chances of having a heart attack. One of the best time-honored Christmas traditions comes in the form of decorating the Christmas tree, but after getting overwhelmed by decorating the outside of your house and trying to find all those hard-to-get presents for everyone, this beloved tradition can just feel like a burden.

For those of us who want to add a bit of spice back into our holiday merrymaking, Gift Republic has something special we didn't even know we wanted. According to Delish, you can now purchase Boozeballs for your Christmas tree for a new tradition with a kick. These transparent ornaments include a screw-on top that can get filled with a drink or liquor of your choice and feature "Drink Me" text to help you remember which ornaments you may have filled with wine or tequila. If the party gets out of hand, have no fear. These novelty ornaments' plastic exteriors won't shatter if they happen to hit the floor and can turn any tree decoration into a party.

Boozeballs are the perfect secret Santa gift and party starter

Anyone looking to host an adult-oriented Christmas get-together can supercharge their party with these fillable ornaments. While you could settle for a liquor shot or wine in each ornament, don't feel like you can't go all out. As the light shines through, the ornaments create a beautiful sparkling effect that you can use to show off any cocktail skills. According to Don't Forget The Garnish, you can create a ton of simple cocktails with very few ingredients perfect for a get-together, and Boozeballs perfectly display your mixologist talents.

According to Amazon, the signature festive Boozeballs will set you back less than $20 and each package comes with 6 ornaments. If you want to have an all-ages party or just want to cut back on the booze, you can also fill the ornaments with a beverage of your choice for a fun, new Christmas tradition that won't cause you to lose any sleep from holiday anxiety. To keep your next holiday experience breezy and fun, try breaking out some of your favorite alcohol and enjoy a brand-new way to ring in Christmas.