This Baking Kit Makes Holiday Desserts A Snap

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Cooking tests the mental limits of the best of us, but baking can truly break a person. Entrepreneurial brands have tapped into this stress factor for almost 100 years — according to Bon Appétit, the first powdered gingerbread mix popped into existence in 1930, setting the trend for hundreds of cake and cookie mixes to dominate grocery store baking shelves over the course of the following decades. If you can get through a bake without burning the bottom of your cakes and cookies, you still have to worry about decorating your goods, and if you have to bring these confections to a holiday gathering or party, the anxiety alone could make anyone give up and buy a pre-baked cake at the grocery store.

For all of us who freak out at the idea of baking and decorating holiday baked goods, Duncan Hines has heard our cries for help and answered with a brand new baking kit designed for anyone just getting started on their baking journey. According to Delish, Duncan Hines has rolled out a brand-new winter-themed baking kit, complete with brownie mix, classic white cake mix, strawberry and apple-flavored snowmen candies, Christmas tree gummies, crushed peppermint, and vanilla and chocolate frosting. Anyone looking to not only tackle the challenges of baking but sculpt an edible winter wonderland can find the dessert of their dreams in this new kit.

Duncan Hines' seasonal baking kit is fun for the whole family

Duncan Hines has a history of helping struggling home bakers — according to Delish, the baking company recently provided a Halloween baking kit where home cooks could craft a cake with brownie and cake mix and decorate it with candy corn and eyeball candies. With this history of repeated success, the baking brand has truly carved out a niche for those of us wanting to indulge in some holiday baking cheer but might not have the prowess to master every baking basic just yet.

According to Amazon, the item currently retails at $29.95 for anyone interested and can dish out some fun for the whole family. For a great new seasonal tradition, this kit might do just the trick to bring some holiday cheer to your next winter celebration. Give it a shot next time you feel like baking and get that extra boost of confidence in your kitchen prowess.