27% Of People Agree That This Discontinued Taco Bell Item Needs To Come Back

Have you ever had a specific fast food menu item you craved (you know the one) and walked up to the counter, eagerly anticipating the thrill of unwrapping whatever greasy, crispy treat you had held in the back of your mind all day, only to find that it was — gasp! — discontinued? We've all been there, and that sinking feeling can only be matched by the indignance you feel when you see whatever new menu item they've replaced it with. While we'll agree that some crimes against food should have never been committed, some of those yanked items have a well deserved special place in the hearts — and stomachs — of the masses.

It's not unheard of for a discontinued menu item to be brought back, as evidenced by Dunkin's Big N' Toasted breakfast sandwich (now the "Big N' Toasty," TYSM, Dunkin'), so we decided to ask: Which menu items should be restored to their original places? Mashed conducted a survey of 555 people in the United States, asking which discontinued fast food favorites need to make a comeback. What we found? Some of y'all have a long history with Taco Bell, and it shows.

These are the fast food items people want brought back from the dead

In yet another blow to 2020, Taco Bell decided to discontinue their Mexican Pizza on November 5th in the name of saving paper, and 26.67 percent of you are not having it. The Mexican-style chain's decision to pull their genre-blurring mashup of tortilla shells, meat, refried beans, sauce, cheese, and tomatoes (via Taco Bell) sent ripples across the internet. It even prompted a Change.org petition with over 150,300 signatures as of November 25th, and cites the menu items significance to the South Asian American community, many of whom are vegetarian or keep halal and could substitute beans for meat in their Mexican Pizza order (via The Takeout).

16.22 percent of you also expressed a wish for Taco Bell's potatoes to be phased back in, and a surprising 14.95 percent really miss Burger King's crown-shaped chicken nuggets. Taco Bell popped up a lot in the custom "other" category as well, with wishes for their Tostada, Cinnamon Crispas, Naked Chicken Chalupa, and Enchirito. Some of the weirder requests in this section also included KFC's original macaroni salad, Applebee's quiche (they had quiche!), and the Wendy's Chicken Cordon Bleu. Hear us, fast food gods, and bestow upon us again these gifts you so quickly took away.