The Reason People Are Feeling Sad About This McDonald's Tweet

It doesn't take much for many of us to get the feels. Thinking about a loved one. Looking at a photo of [insert your favorite pet of all time here]. So we don't quite know what happened to make McDonald's social media handlers decide it was a good idea to put out this tweet, which read: "one day you ordered a Happy Meal for the last time and you didn't even know it."

The tweet went viral, picking up nearly 28 thousand likes – as well as scores tweeting back to ask if all was right in the world, maybe not for the Golden Arches themselves, but for McDonald's social media team. One user reached out to ask, "How are you doing McDonald's?" The food company answered gamely, "[I'm] in my feels today clearly. how are u?" A different social media user simply said, "don't make me cry," while another replied, "Why did I get so emotional after reading this?" with a sobbing emoji.

One user was even inspired enough to verbalize the desolation and compose a haiku: "life forever fleets; the darkness consumes us all; one last Happy Meal."

McDonald's tweet made us admit Happy Meals weren't just for kids

Then there was the exchange between toy company VTech Toys and McDonald's, with VTech asking, "How can you make such a Sad Tweet about Happy Meals?" McDonald's had a rather cheeky response, characterizing the tweet as being "all about the art of juxtaposition." Even IBM Research got in on the act, tweeting, "does not compute," to which McDonald's responded, "have you tried restarting your computer?" And when someone reached out to say, "[I] just know [whoever] runs this account is the coolest person irl," McDonald's had this rejoinder: "brb sending this to my middle school bully." 

But more than a few fans chose to look past the existential dilemma and owned up to the fact that they never stopped ordering Happy Meals. One was keen to offer up a solution: "You walk into that store, look them dead in the eyes, order a happy meal and if they look at you funny just smile even more. Own that s**t." And to such tweets, McDonald's had this to say: "good thing you're never too old to order a happy meal again." Well played, McDonald's. Well played. We wonder what sales figures for Happy Meals look like now.