This Is The Surprising Taste Of Dunkin's New Sugarplum Macchiato

Coffee gives us the power to face the day, and with the holidays upon us, we now get the extra options of ordering all of our favorite seasonal flavors. Pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha, and gingerbread have won their ways into our hearts, but the time has come to embrace a new classic that guarantees to brighten up our drinking habits — sugarplum. According to Dunkin', the brand has introduced the Sugarplum Macchiato, a new coffee that combines the flavors of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, plum, and vanilla to bring a whole new world of flavor and sweetness to your morning commute. The fun doesn't stop at the combination of flavors though. The mix of espresso, milk, and the syrups combine to create a light purple drink that guarantees to make a splash on social media later this year (via Dunkin').

The introduction of the Sugarplum macchiato conjures images of Dunkin's last specialty coffee — the Valentine's Day-themed Pink Velvet Macchiato. According to WSLS, the Pink Velvet Macchiato mixed the flavor of espresso with a red velvet and cream cheese icing-flavored syrup to create a light pink drink indicative of the romantic holiday. If this beverage sets the standard for Dunkin Donuts quality, we should plan to get truly excited for the launch of the Sugarplum Macchiato today.

How was the drink created?

The Sugarplum macchiato came to creation through an intense process. According to Dunkin', the company's product development team came up with the drink back in 2016 when it took inspiration from the Tchaikovsky ballet The Nutcracker and developed the beverage inspired by the titular sugarplum fairy character. After devising several flavors of the drink, one of which included heavy floral notes, the design team settled on the berry-centric drink that includes a light purple color to not only reflect the drink's roots in the ballet, but also represent the light-hearted, fun spirit of winter (via Dunkin').

The brand couldn't have chosen a more striking image to inspire its latest macchiato. According to the The New York Times, the sugar plum fairy of The Nutcracker embodies poise and transcendent beauty, while appearing light and frivolous. By naming a drink after such an iconic character, Dunkin' has its work cut out for them, but if the unique flavor profile and colorful swirl of purples of the latest Sugarplum Macchiato stand for anything, it would be for fun, frivolity, beauty, and simply put, a nice new drink in your morning routine.