Disney's Over-The-Top Cookie Butter Milkshake Has People Talking

If you've ever encountered one of those wild over-the-top milkshakes that comes stacked high with every confection known to mankind, then you probably understand the appeal of them. Though you know these milkshakes have an unimaginable amount of sugar, there's just something about them that makes you want to try it. The latest one to capture people's attention comes from Disney World down in Orlando, Florida.

The Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney's Beach Club Resort has created a cookie butter milkshake that's so Christmas-y, it will make you forget all about peppermint mochas and gingerbread lattes. The milkshake is, of course, loaded with all kinds of sweet treats, so you'll definitely want to share it with someone. At $15, it's a pretty good deal to get into the holiday spirit with a saccharine treat (via Delish). This is a limited-time offer though, so you'll definitely want to try it if you happen to be at the Beach Club Resort this year. While people are hoping to see it make a return next year, there are no guarantees.

This is what you need to know about Disney's new milkshake

If you're wondering what a $15 loaded milkshake entails, you won't be disappointed. Disney's cookie butter milkshake comes with layers of green and red syrup that coat the inside of your souvenir cup. That means it's the perfect blend of Christmas colors with an almost marbled red, green, and white look. But before the milkshake is poured into the glass, the rim is covered with frosting which gets a good coating of holiday sprinkles too. The sprinkles are festive and add the perfect crunchy to the otherwise smooth and rich milkshake.

This wouldn't be an over-the-top milkshake without extra goodies on top, though. That's why there's a full-size red velvet cupcake that sits on top of the scrumptious drink. The red velvet cupcake is filled with white buttercream frosting, and then it's topped with green buttercream icing piped in the shape of a Christmas tree. So, frosting lovers will absolutely love this cupcake since that all adds up to a lot of icing. There's also a star cookie wafer, edible glitter, more holiday sprinkles, and chocolate Mickey ears to top off the cupcake (via Disney Food Blog). The entire combination is adorable and very sweet. Take a friend with you to enjoy this treat (and a possible sugar rush).