Creative Ways To Sweeten Cold Brew Coffee

Many of us might assume cold brew is a recent phenomenon. According to Perfect Daily Grind, the first recorded instance of the beverage dates back to 17th century Japan as a way sailors could enjoy a cup of coffee without lighting fires to boil water aboard ships. This drink snowballed in popularity over the years, and according to Grand View Research, market indicators predict that cold brew should continue to grow for the next five years. The drink has an extra level of flavor, an inherent sweetness, and tastes less acidic, but if you make it at home, you have to rely on supplies on hand to make the perfectly prepared cup of cold brew.

For all of us just starting our cold brew journey at home, a whole world of creative sweeteners can brighten up our at-home coffee experience. According to Homegrounds, creating a simple syrup not only takes your drink to the next level, but you can also easily make enough sweetener to hold you over for weeks. To make this cafe-grade syrup, combine equal parts water and sugar over medium heat, stir until the sugar dissolves, let the liquid cool, and either pour it straight into your cold brew or store it for later. If you don't want to go through the hassle of preparing the syrup, a host of other creative sweeteners for cold brew lie at your fingertips.

Sweeten cold brew without sugar

If you need to sweeten your cold brew but want to avoid using simple syrup, you still have a variety of methods to give your coffee a nice kick. According to Homegrounds, anyone looking for a milder sweet experience only needs some almond milk to cut the bitterness of the coffee, plus this method of rounding out your cold brew can work for anyone who pursues a keto diet (via Healthline). In the same way, almond milk can help reduce bitterness, sweetened or unsweetened coconut water works in a pinch simply by mixing your cold brew concentrate with the coconut water and serving over ice (via Homegrounds).

For anyone looking for an incredibly decadent sweet solution, whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk add a luxurious texture and taste to any cup of cold brew — just make sure you like your coffee thick, as both of these guarantee an extremely frothy cup of coffee. No matter how sweet you like your drink, don't believe you have to settle for plain sugar when a variety of add-ins can turn your regular cup of homemade cold brew into a cafe experience. With a bit of creativity, any of these sweeteners can take your drink to the next level and keep you coming back for more.