The Secret To Making Sticky Rice In A Rice Cooker

Sometimes there's nothing better at the end of a long, cold day than a big bowl of warm curry or stir-fry. Dishes like this often call for sticky rice, which is also known as "sweet" rice or "glutinous" rice, though they are all the same. This type of rice is often found in Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine, so it's certainly a staple should you often enjoy preparing dishes from these cultures at home (via The Spruce Eats). 

Sticky rice is usually steamed, but the process of cooking the rice this way can be very time-consuming. That's why you need to know how to make sticky rice more quickly using a rice cooker. Not only is it faster, but it also requires fewer steps. You will, however, need to avoid the preset sticky rice programs on the rice cooker. Rice cookers with preset programs for this kind of rice typically cook the rice but get the texture very wrong. That's why you need to still soak the rice before cooking it in the small appliance (via Tasty Thais).

Here's the trick to use for great sticky rice from the rice cooker

To make perfectly cooked sticky rice in your rice cooker, you need to measure out two cups of the glutinous rice. To make it really simple, just pour the rice straight into the small appliance. Next, add two and a half cups of water. Give it a stir, then comes the trick to making great rice cooker sticky rice. Let the rice soak in the water for at least 40 minutes, though you can soak it for up to four hours. Allowing the rice to soak in the water lets the hard shell of the rice soften before it cooks which helps the rice get its signature texture.

Once the rice has soaked, all you have to do is stir in half a teaspoon of salt and turn the rice cooker on. After the rice has cooked, you'll still want to leave it in the appliance for an additional five minutes. Then all that's left is to enjoy the delicious grain. If you happen to have leftovers, it can hold in the refrigerator for up to two to three days.