This Rumored Kit Kat Flavor Will Taste Just Like Cereal

The pandemic has turned everyone's lives upside down, and if one of your coping mechanisms is to eat candy for breakfast (ahem), we have good news for you. Set those Reese's Puffs aside — that's amateur stuff. Kit Kat is allegedly coming out with a cereal-inspired flavor that takes the best part of fruity cereal and combines it with the creamy crunch of a Kit Kat bar, called "Kit Kat Fruity Cereal."

According to Best Products, Instagram account @junkfoodleaks_ posted a photo of the new flavor and took it down. Meanwhile, account @tmc_reviews posted a picture, which is still up. It looks like we can expect the new Kit Kat to possibly drop around June 2021, and from the picture, it looks like a velvety pink chocolate coating on the outside, flecked with what we can only imagine are bits of fruity cereal. The closest we've come was an equally Instagrammable birthday cake flavored Kit Kat, also bedazzled with colorful specks, that seemed to go over well (via the Takeout).

Spoonfuls of Kit Kat?

The label description on the package design (which might be subject to change), reads "crisp wafers in fruity cereal flavored crème naturally & artificially flavored." We love a good crème. It also shows a bowl of cereal in the background, and we can't help but wonder: did Kit Kat develop a whole new cereal for this limited edition? There's no apparent co-marketing going on here with Fruity Pebbles or Froot Loops, so it remains to be seen what kind of cereal flavor profile they're going for.

Fans are already excited, employing lots of all-caps in their comments, like "OMGGGGGG I CANT WAIT" from user @adkinsbrian and @brittbrown2092's "oh LAWD yea" (Black Sabbath, anyone?). One user, @reptacoinlovewithalib, curiously lamented, "Why can't the cool flavors be in the US?" There's no information so far that suggests the US won't be able to get our mouths on this new confection — but until then, carry on with other candy breakfasts: Pop-tarts! Hershey's flavored Dunkin'! Yo-Crunch M&M's! You get the idea.