The One Recipe Rachael Ray Wishes We All Forgot

Rachael Ray has never claimed to be a chef. She told CBS News, "I'm a cook, not a chef," and that's fine — it's part of what makes her so undeniably relatable. Unfortunately, some of Ray's recipes remind us of her designation as "not a chef" all too well. Don't get us wrong, the 30 Minute Meals star has some real winners; dishes any of us would be proud to serve our family and maybe even the in-laws. Her Mexican Lasagna on Food Network's website has nearly one thousand reviews with comments like, "This is delicious and super easy...definitely a family favorite!"

But, some of Rachael Ray's creations are decidedly not "Yum-O!" You might guess we're talking about her recipe for Chili Dog Bacon Cheeseburgers which asks us to mix two diced hot dogs into a pound of ground beef to make the burgers, then top them with bacon. But as questionable as this meat-fest sounds, the recipe actually received quite a few positive reviews on Food Network. When it comes to Rachael Ray's biggest recipe flop — the one she wishes we all forgot — we need to look to the Red Wine Rice with Grapes.

Rachael Ray uses half a bottle of red wine to cook rice

Rachael Ray fans will know she has a love-love relationship with wine. In fact, her first word was "vino" (per The Rachael Ray Show). So, it's no surprise she likes to cook with a little wine from time to time. But her recipe for Red Wine Rice with Grapes which, according to Food Network, calls for cooking a cup of rice in 1 3/4 cups of red wine, takes things entirely too far.

At least that's how Sweetnicks blogger Cate O'Malley felt when she tried the dish, writing, "It was like pouring yourself a glass of wine and adding some bits of cooked rice to your glass." One cheeky commenter on Food Network noted, "This was really good but I recommend making it without rice or grapes." Of course, that would leave you with just a giant glass of red wine, which is perhaps a completely fine alternative to a pot of boozy rice.

Does rice really need grapes?

Believe it or not, we can get on board with rice cooked in wine, if it's done properly. Simmering your rice in water or stock and fortifying it with a splash or two of wine is actually a great way to add a little zip to the dish. As for the cup of grapes Rachael Ray stirs into her Red Wine Rice after it's cooked? Let's just say there are better ideas out there for things to add to rice. Consider tossing in some veggies, herbs, nuts, or dried fruits like currants or apricots for a pop of flavor when you need one.

Listen, we're not here to diss Rachael Ray — anyone who has banked 2,500 episodes of a daytime talk show about food clearly knows what she's doing. But when it comes to cooking rice, we'll keep our wine in the glass (save for a splash or two) and reserve our grapes for snacking, thank you very much.