Cap'n Christmas Crunch Is Back With A Bizarre Twist

Cap'n Crunch is one of those cereals that just stays with you and can instantly transport you back to your childhood. Whether you were a classic Cap'n Crunch fan or a peanut butter Cap'n Crunch fan, there's a new limited edition of the cereal that fans will definitely want to pick up now that the holidays are here.

Those of you who have tried Cap'n Christmas Crunch will be very happy to know that it's back on the shelves of major grocery retailers nationwide. If you're not familiar with it, the corn and oat classic cereal is made with red and green cereal pieces that come in a variety of holiday shapes. That means when you pour yourself a bowl, you'll see red and green stars, trees, stockings, and snowmen floating around. The best part of all is that a 22.8-ounce family-size box is just $4.49, so you can definitely stock up to enjoy the festive cereal all season long (via Brand Eating).

Here's how you can get your own Cap'n Crunch sweater

What makes this year a little different when it comes to boxes of Cap'n Christmas Crunch is that fans of the cereal can dress up just like the captain thanks to the brand's new ugly Christmas sweaters. There are two versions of the Cap'n Crunch sweaters. One is red with orange and blue, and the other is teal with green, blue, and orange, too. Both have a stitched headshot of the captain right in the middle of the sweater.

For those who just have to have one of these sweaters to show their love for the breakfast cereal, there are fortunately three ways to enter the contest to win one. Fans can enter on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (via Cap'n Crunch). Just find the sweater-related post on one of the platforms and comment with your best Cap'n Crunch compliments. Use the hashtags #CapnCrunchSweater and #Sweepstakes to win one of the festive sweaters. No purchase is necessary, and the contest is open to anyone 18 and older in D.C. and most U.S. states. Participants in Alabama and Nebraska must be 19 or older. The contest will run through December 7, so act fast.