Is Hawaiian Pizza Actually Healthier Than Other Pizza?

Pizza is one of those food options that is almost universally liked, no matter where you are from. Considering the sheer versatility of the dish, it's hard to hate it: you could add vegetables on your pizza, or go with a meat-laden option, topping it all off with oregano and chili flakes. Pizza is also perfect for sharing. It's convenient to eat straight out of the box. It helps that the dish goes well with a glass of beer, too. What's not to love?

That said, it's understood that pizzas aren't the healthiest option for you, especially if you're watching your weight and want to ensure that you don't go overboard with your calories. One slice of pizza is estimated to have around 200-300 calories, as explained by Pop Sugar. And let's be honest here: no one can eat just one slice of delectable pizza (not even leftover pizza). Is there a way to soften the damage, though? Some pizzas are supposed to be healthier than the others. Case in point: Hawaiian pizza. This dish usually has pineapple, ham, and cheese. And though it has its critics, guess what? It can be a relatively healthier choice. Here's why.

It depends on how you eat it

As explained by Pop Up Pizza, if you opt for a thin crust version, you're already better off and can cut the calories by almost 30 percent. And when you're feasting on Hawaiian pizza, you are typically looking at seven grams of fat for three ounces. Another advantage? Ham, the foundational Hawaiian pizza topping, has a better nutritional profile than options like bacon, sausage, and hamburger. Pineapples are, of course, great for you, loaded with nutritional goodies like vitamins C and E, as well as manganese.

Another thing you can do to cut the fat levels in your meal is to choose Parmesan cheese instead of other varieties. While this combination may seem slightly unconventional, it definitely beats other options if you want to be healthier. A Reddit user expressed their love for the dish and wrote, "It is sweet and savory at the same time! How could you not love it? The perfect combination of pineapple and sausage is absolutely amazing." Not ham? For shame!