This Seasonal Pillsbury Favorite Lets You Have Dessert For Breakfast

When the holidays roll around, a wealth of gingerbread, peppermint chocolates, and cinnamon-seasoned soul-warming desserts we wait for all year pop up on grocery store shelves nationwide. The origins of these confections have graced winter tables since the 17th century, and over time, morphed into the classic holiday treats like gingerbread cookies and cinnamon-sugar buns (via History Extra). If you can't get enough of these treats, Pillsbury found a new way to take these holiday desserts to your breakfast table.

According to Delish, Pillsbury now sells a cinnamon bun cake mix that can get baked into cinnamon bun waffles, muffins, sheet cake, or even cake pops! No cinnamon bun breakfast comes complete without a glossy cinnamon bun icing, and if you really want to go all out, make sure to pick up a can of Pillsbury's cinnamon bun frosting in the baking aisle next to this product. If you want a morning treat that can last you many days, one box can serve up 24 breakfast muffins or cupcakes, making anyone excited to wake up and start their day (via Delish.)

A Pillsbury cake mix for all cinnamon lovers

Pillsbury makes any morning special with their range of delicious ways to indulge in breakfast, and a cinnamon bun cake only scratches the surface of the rich product line the brand offers that dabbles in seasonal flavor. According to Pillsbury, you can snatch up the canned dough for hot cocoa rolls with marshmallow icing, pumpkin spice morning rolls, cinnamon rolls with peaches and cream icing, and a wide selection of sweet treats to keep you moving through the morning. The cinnamon bun cake mix's availability runs until January and only certain shops currently carry it. So, if you want to taste what all the buzz is about, make sure you can find a box of the mix before the limited-time product comes to an end.

For those of us who want to ring in the holidays with a very special treat, this cake mix can transform into a host of breakfast like no other and keeps us coming back for seconds. Anyone who loves the taste of cinnamon should indulge in this shape-shifting treat if they get the chance, and we can only hope that the product makes a return next year. In the meantime, we can keep enjoying Pillsbury's extensive breakfast goods as we wait to get our hands on this cinnamon cake mix that makes any morning feel right.