The One Food Aaron Sanchez Can't Stand

As a celebrity chef, TV personality, and author, Aarón Sánchez is no stranger to the world of flavors and cooking. According to his official website, he has served as a judge on the Fox show Masterchef (not to mention his work on Masterchef Junior) and is also the owner of Mexican eatery Johnny Sanchez in New Orleans. He has written two cookbooks, and is a passionate philanthropist, encouraging members of the Latin community to chase their culinary dreams. No surprise, of course, that as a chef, he's huge on diversity in food, and wants to move forward his family's legacy by doing what he does best: cooking.

According to a Q&A on Yelp, Sánchez loves a variety of dishes, such as quesadillas, Mexican meatballs (also known as albondigas), Italian dishes, and more. When asked about what he enjoys cooking when he's home, he replied, "I love to make quesadillas at home because they're so easy and great comfort food, but I love roasting a whole chicken as well."

We all have those foods we love, and we all have those foods we love less (maybe even a lot less). Does that apply to someone like Aarón Sánchez? Indeed it does.

Green bell peppers are a no-no

Sánchez is known to use bell peppers when he cooks. But guess what? The celebrity chef is not fond of green bell peppers himself. At all. It's not that he finds the taste off-putting. He revealed to the Food Network that he just doesn't find them flavorful. "I like red bell peppers and yellow bell peppers, but green bell peppers just don't taste like much of anything," he admitted.

In terms of history, Sánchez  can't pinpoint a specific incident that simply put him off green bell peppers. He does occasionally include them in his recipes — for instance, they're included in his recipe for huitlacoche salsa (posted helpfully on the Food Network website). The dish just takes 25 minutes to make and calls for onions, jalapeño, bell peppers (red, yellow, and, yes, green) among other ingredients, and goes well with a hearty serving of chicken. 

 Even if he isn't a big fan of green bell peppers, it's not as though he doesn't utilize a whole world of other flavors when he's creating his signature dishes. Fair enough.