The Bizarre History Of The Cookie Crisp Mascot

Cereal is the undisputed simplest breakfast — and people eat it by the bowlful on a daily basis. Although some consider breakfast cereal to be a kids' favorite, that is not always the case. Age is nothing but a number when it comes to cereal. While there have been many a spirited dispute over the absolute best varieties, one thing that remains true regardless of the brand is that many cereals have an easily identifiable mascot posing on the boxes. The Trix bunny, Cap'n Crunch himself, the Lucky Charms leprechaun, Count Chocula ... the list goes on and on.

Although many of these mascots are super-retro, most have been updated and customized as the years have passed. A specific example of this is the Cookie Crisp Mascot, who has experienced myriad changes and tweaks, including changing the character itself numerous times. Unfamiliar with the ever-altering Cookie Crisp mascot? Read ahead to find out all about them.

All about the Cookie Crisp mascots

According to Medium, Cookie Crisp was introduced in 1977 and initially featured a mascot named Cookie Jarvis. He was a wizard and had the "power to turn basically anything into Cookie Crisp." Strangely, after only eight years, he was replaced by a duo: Cookie Crook and Cookie Cop (or Officer Crumb). Of course, Cookie Crook would attempt to "steal" Cookie Crisp and Officer Crumb would save the day. Soon after, as Retro Dad notes, a "canine crook sidekick named Chip" enters the group, known for howling the name of the cereal brand and foiling his partner's schemes. In the '90s, however, Chip became the one and only Cookie Crisp mascot.

Along with the new millennium came a new mascot. In 2003, Chip the Wolf was introduced — and he is still the current mascot. All of these characters were present on the cereal boxes themselves, in marketing materials, and on television commercials (some of which are compiled on YouTube), but the commercials are far and few between in 2020.

Beyond the mascots, the Once Upon A Man blog also states that there have also been multiple variations of the cereal itself: original, vanilla wafer, oatmeal cookie, double chocolate, and sprinkles. The whole appeal of Cookie Crisp — cookies for breakfast — is hugely attractive for kids (and let's be honest: some adults, too). Regardless of the mascot, the cult classic cereal is sure to continue to fly off grocery store shelves.