Vegans Should Read This Before Eating Canned Creamed Corn

Canned creamed corn can feel like such a convenient, delicious dish if you're looking for a quick hearty option after an exhausting day. However, if you're a vegan, you may find that the canned version creamed corn is simply not suitable for your dietary needs. Why? As per a piece by Recipe Land, this dish is often made of a concoction that has melted butter, milk, flour, corn and perhaps spices of some sort. The fact that it may have dairy and butter even though this isn't quite obvious makes it a definite no-no if you follow a vegan diet.

Furthermore, certain homemade recipes for creamed corn include cream and some types of dairy. However, if you're vegan and wish to completely avoid dairy in your creamed corn, it's possible to do so without completely giving up on the dish. Here's how you can make sure that your bowl of creamed corn is vegan and suitable for your diet.

Try to tweak your creamed corn at home

As highlighted by PETA, you can opt for a bowl of homemade cream corn that doesn't use dairy. This is a completely unnecessary ingredient that can be avoided in a bowl of creamed corn. As PETA's recipe highlights, creamed corn doesn't actually require cream and can be prepared with the help of the "milk" from the cob and the liquid that is in the corn kernels if you're hoping to get a consistency that is thick and creamy.

All you need to get this dish right is soy milk, corn, salt, sugar, vegan margarine (instead of butter), and flour. A Reddit user has another great tip that's good for vegan dishes. They write, "Fresh, sweet corn barely cooked and lightly pureed is about the best creamed corn around, no added ingredients (maybe a little salt). When corn is in season, there isn't much reason to do anything more." Yummy.