This Is How Many Different Flavors Of Pie McDonald's Has Had

There's something about McDonald's apple pies that make them so delicious and way too easy to tack onto the end of your order. They're warm, flaky, and the perfect level of sugar and spice. The humble apple pie was actually the very first dessert to ever grace the McDonald's menu and was introduced in 1968 (via Reader's Digest). 

There's actually a lot more that goes into the apple pies than you might realize, even if they have undergone a few changes over the year. The filling is made with six different kinds of apples — Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Rome, Gala, Ida Red, and Fuji — to give you that perfect apple flavor and crunch. Though the apple pie is incredibly popular, there have been a ton of other flavors of pies at McDonald's. Over time, there have actually been more than 40 different kinds, including lemon, pineapple, strawberry, and pumpkin (via QSR). Not to mention, the cherry pie that followed the apple pie on the McDonald's menu (via Cosmopolitan).

There have been more than 40 flavors of McDonald's pies

Over the years, McDonald's has tried making some wild flavors of pies. Some, however, were relatively normal flavors to try in all fairness, though. Among the tamer flavors, customers were able to get peach or chocolate pies. On the other end of the spectrum, McDonald's once filled its hand pies with taro, a purple tuber that made for very sweet and purple pies. Other sweet yet somewhat odd flavors include sweet potato, s'mores, and even a sweet cheese-filled pie (via USA Today). There was once a savory bacon-potato pie, too.

Then there are its seasonal pies. According to Middle Class, McDonald's seasonal flavors have included banana pie, chocolate banana pie, corn pie, coconut pie, and Pai Bubur Cha Cha, which is a Malaysian pie filled with coconut cream and small pieces of yam. There's been a white chocolate strawberry cream pie, red bean pie, creamy herb chicken pie, mango passionfruit pie, Oreo cookies and cream pie, and a salted caramel and chocolate pie. A pulut hitam pie, which is filled with black glutinous rice, appeared as well as a karipap pie with a filling like curried chicken.

There's been no shortage of flavors to try, but few could take the place of the classic McDonald's apple pie. Keep your eyes peeled though —  you never know when a seasonal or new flavor might pop up again.