Twitter Can't Stop Talking About This Bizarre Greek Salad And Sugar Cookie Mashup

Some of us have dreams that we promptly forget about as soon as we wake up. Then there are those of us who wake up from a dream and decide whatever it is we dreamed up could be well worth the effort in reality. Such was the case with a Wisconsin man named Arseny, who earned his five minutes of fame for creating his dream food called "King's Hand."

The King's Hand looks like it could have come out of a questionable foodie movie. It's a hand-shaped cookie concoction embedded with colorful M&M's and filled with a Greek salad. When eaten one after another, the two have the potential to be two parts to a mouthwatering meal. But when taken together, the cookie-salad combo might give anyone who isn't a child being tricked to eat their vegetables some pause.

Arseny, who says the King's Hand came to him in a dream, indicates he isn't the kind of person who would ordinarily listen to his unconscious and proceed to create something that could make him an internet celebrity. In fact, he's just like you and me: tell him something can't and shouldn't be done, and he'll prove otherwise. "This whole thing started as a joke a week ago," he explains to Today. "My friends were like, 'That's ridiculous, please don't do this,' and naturally that just made me want to try it more."

The "King's Hand" turned its creator into an internet star

For those of us who have a burning desire to make an M&M cookie and fill that with Greek salad, you can visit Arseny's Twitter account where he helpfully outlines the steps: "Some people would like to know how to make King's Hand. I don't claim to know all the answers, but here is how I did it. First, you will need to make a mold of a hand. For this I used food grade silicon putty safe up to 400 [degrees]. I ordered it online. It takes an hour to go solid."

He then fills the mold with cookie dough made with a recipe he found online, baked the cookie, froze it so it would be easy to unmold, and then filled it with Greek salad. The result: something that looks like it belongs in a movie some of us would watch at home, alone, at night.

Arseny's obsession with his food creation made him something of a Twitter celebrity, getting him more than 165,000 likes and a few other comments from people who, like him, decided their dreams were worth turning into a food reality. 

One response read: "BRAVO. My favorite dream-food that actually worked in real life was Earl Grey hot cocoa. In my dream, a person who was the earth personified poured me a cup, and it was utterly wonderful. It wasn't hard to make Earl Grey tea and add hot cocoa mix, and YUM."