Dunkin' Wants To Feature Your Secret Menu Hack

If you grew up in the giant Dunkin' drive-thru otherwise known as Boston — and probably even if you didn't — you definitely have a go-to Dunkin' order. But a "hack"? That is, combining multiple items on the menu to make one glorious, new ultra-item? That's another story. And in a move very much in line with fast-food embraces The Youthz (see: the Travis Scott McDonald's partnership and the infamous Chicken Wars), Dunkin' is taking advantage of Dunkin' customer's very particular preferences when it comes to coffee, donuts, and breakfast sammies by holding a contest.

The contest is this: Dunkin' has invited fans on TikTok to post their favorite Dunkin' "hacks" with the tag #DunkinMenuHackContest for a chance to have their hack featured on the menu, plus a $100 gift card and a Dunkin' onesie because of course. Through December 12, Dunkin' enthusiasts can share their menu-ordering genius with the world.

The Dunkin' hack that started it all, plus entries so far

Word on the street is, Dunkin' got their hack contest idea from TikTok user @maddiegoetzzzzz, whose hack will be featured on Dunkin' menus nationwide. Known as "Maddie's Hack," this mashup combines a bagel with cream cheese, plus a side order of Dunkin's hash browns and Snackin' bacon, which Maddie combines into a loaded breakfast sandwich. Sounds delicious, right? You can even see Maddie herself flip out about the news on TikTok.

As for the other entries so far? Well, there's not that many, but we're rooting for these creative submissions. Adorably pierced user @madchenkaufman, who actually works at a Dunkin,' takes a veggie egg white, a piece of white cheddar, and a turkey sausage, and sandwiches them between the two halves of a glazed donut. Yum. Another Dunkin' regular, @shadytree1, opts for a bacon cheese roll-up, to which she adds a side order of hash browns, and ketchup for an amped up breakfast wrap. Other users documented their creative takes on drinks (with a pet duck?!), and one even featured her Dunkin' Halloween costume. May the best breakfast win.