What You Didn't Know About Firehouse Subs' Hot Sauce Challenge

If you've ever walked into a Firehouse Subs location, then chances are you noticed there are a lot of hot sauces you can choose from to put on your sandwich. There are mild hot sauces that you will barely notice are on your sandwich to hot sauces that are so hot, they'll make you cry. Fortunately, Firehouse Subs has taken the guesswork out of it for you. Instead, they have numbered all of their hot sauces on a scale from one to 10, so you know just how hot the sauce will be and what level you can handle.

Over time, someone decided there should be a Firehouse Subs hot sauce challenge in which both pros and amateurs would try the hottest level of their hot sauce, level 10. Those who attempted it then posted their videos on YouTube, like this one woman in near tears after trying it (via YouTube). Really, it's the perfect trial run for anyone who wishes they could be on the show Hot Ones, like Gordon Ramsey (via YouTube).

The Firehouse Subs' hot sauce challenge reaches this number

But when Firehouse Subs caught wind of the challenge, they decided to take the hot sauce challenge to an entirely new level of hot. On September 16 of 2015, Firehouse Subs posted a video on their Facebook page. In the video, they explain that level 10 just isn't hot enough, as the speaker downs some of the level 10 hot sauce without flinching.

Instead, they suggest people try their hot sauce challenge, known as the Level 55 Hot Sauce Challenge. Getting to level 55 is actually quite simple. All they did was combine every single hot sauce between levels one and 10. When you add them all up, you get level 55. It's certainly a step up from level 10, and it probably packs quite a fiery punch.

If you'd like to try the level 55 challenge the next time you go to Firehouse Subs, you might want to skip putting it on your sandwich, which could ruin the taste of your food. No one wants a spoiled spicy lunch. Instead, try adding a drop of each level into one of the plastic tester cups and give it a shot. Don't forget to upload your attempt to YouTube.