Pokemon Fans Won't Want To Miss The Return Of This Nostalgic Cereal

Pocket Monsters (shortened to Pokémon), were introduced to the U.S. via Japan in 1998. The game took off like wildfire, incorporating video games, anime cartoons, and trading cards along the way. The video game (and trading cards) forced kids to network with each other in order to complete sets of characters. The idea behind Pokémon, according to the game's creator, was that children would play together, instead of in solitude (via BBC).

Fast forward two decades and there are still kids, and adult fans, collecting Pokémon cards (some Charizard Holographic cards from 1999 are now selling for up to $10,000, and The Pikachu Illustrator card once sold for $233,000, according to Entrepreneur). Many fans have also fallen in love with the Pokémon GO app, a more modern way of playing that ended up being an enormous success upon its release in 2016. So, what better way to celebrate a beloved classic such as Pokémon than with a new — or rather renewed — cereal? Fans will appreciate the newest nod to a nostalgic breakfast option that now has a new berry-flavored twist.

Here's what's inside Pokemon cereal

Back in the early 2000s, there were tons of Pokémon food items, but they faded into oblivion when kids lost interest. Now, in celebration of Pokémon's 25th anniversary, General Mills has brought back the eponymously-named cereal. The Berry Bolt flavor features red-and-blue corn puff "berries" along with yellow marshmallows meant to resemble Pikachu's head and tail (via Foodbeast). The good news: You don't have to be a diehard fan or collector to enjoy this new berry-tinged cereal. 

Its release arrived with the announcement of 15 more new cereals from General Mills, according to ComicBook.com. Additional cereals included Chocolate Strawberry Cheerios, Wonderworks Keto Chocolate, Larabar Cashew Cookie, Sesame Street Letters, and more. Hillary Balma, senior brand manager for General Mills, told Food Business News, "Our lineup of new products offers a wide variety of benefits, making it easy for anyone to find an exciting, delicious new breakfast option in the cereal aisle." Gotta taste 'em all!