Why You Should Start Eating More Napa Cabbage

Everyone has heard that you need to eat your veggies, and science continues to back up this fact of life. According to Healthline, anyone looking to get the maximum amount of nutrition in a day needs to aim to eat three to four daily portions of vegetables. For many of us who don't have enough time in the day, eating enough veggies can prove challenging, especially when we start to get burnt out on broccoli, carrots, and other standard vegetables we've downed since childhood. If you need to keep your diet fresh and get your proper serving of leafy greens, you have to try out Napa cabbage.

According to Gourmet Sleuth, Napa cabbage originated in China around the 5th century A.D. when pak choi and turnips naturally hybridized, creating a vegetable that has stood the test of time. This standout cabbage has a ton of benefits that deserve to make it a star on your dinner table. According to The Spruce Eats, Napa cabbage has high levels of vitamins B, C, and K, can potentially shield the body from carcinogens, and has a high fiber and low calorie count, meaning it fills you up without weighing down. It easily rises above typical Western cabbage and fits well into a ton of recipes that can please any mouth.

How do you prepare Napa cabbage?

If you've never selected a Napa cabbage at the market, have no fear. To find the perfect specimen for your cooking creations, simply look for a cabbage with firm, green leaves with little bug damage, and make sure to buy one of the heaviest ones you can, perĀ The Spruce Eats. After you select your ideal cabbage, the fun can really begin. If you picked out a super fresh one, feel free to chop it up and eat it raw in a salad or steam it in your next Asian-inspired dish (via Gourmet Sleuth). You can also easily steam the cabbage and it can get used as a wrap as a fun alternative to lettuce wraps.

When you need to get your vegetables in for the day, Napa cabbage provides a ton of health reasons and practically begs you to include it in your weekly meal planning. If you don't get excited about the nutritional value of the plant, then the wealth of recipes at your fingertips can get you ready to explore the possibilities of cooking this cabbage. For an excellent ingredient that has stood the test of time, try this cabbage next time you want to experiment with East Asian flavors for a fun and great-tasting time that won't disappoint.