People Can't Believe This Fact About Gordon Ramsay's Daughter

Gordon Ramsay and his daughter recently did a TikTok challenge that's going viral. Mainly because his daughter, Tilly, showed she preferred her mom's cooking over his. Commence internet meltdown. We know that Ramsay's personality doesn't always go over well, but fans can now confirm that Gordon's cooking cannot win everyone over, even in his own household.

Ramsay and his daughter joined in on a viral TikTok challenge called, "This or That," where the pair danced toward answers to various options displayed over their heads, like "spicy food" and "plain food," or in this contentious moment, "mum's cooking" and "dad's cooking." Tilly took a quick veer towards the left side to "mum's cooking," prompting speculation, surprise and even some delight from TikTok commenters. Fans were shocked that Tilly would snub the cooking chops that have earned Ramsay Michelin stars, 35 restaurants, and numerous TV shows and awards (via Gordon Ramsay Restaurants).

How people are reacting to Gordon Ramsay's daughter picking her mother's food over his

Of course, Tilly's controversial TikTok choice has fans scratching their heads in disbelief. One user, commented on the video, "She did not pick her moms cooking over Gordon's," prompting 231 replies. Another TikTok user speculated, "mom must cook like a god." Another even poked fun of a television scene we see Ramsay in so often, "Daughter: chooses mum's cooking/video: cuts to Gordon aggressively yelling." Another commenter said what we were all thinking, "MOM'S COOKING? Nah we need a family cook off mr. ramsay... IMMEDIATELY."

And from what we can gather, Ramsay does have some stiff competition in the kitchen when it comes to Ramsay's wife, Tana Ramsay. She's a chef in her own right and has published five cookbooks that share her take on home-cooked meals, which are decidedly less fussy than her husband's beef Wellington (via Goodreads and Gordon Ramsay). Tana, who reportedly does most of the cooking for her five children, favors straightforward yet flavorful dishes like cinnamon beef stew and carrot soup with thyme chili oil, per City News. It's impossible to tell what exactly led Tilly to her surprising choice, but a family cook-off would settle it once and for all.