You Can Get Free Chicken Tenders From KFC. Here's How

You might have never guessed it, but the holiday season means it's time for KFC in Japan. According to the BBC, Kentucky Fried Chicken began marketing its "Kentucky for Christmas" campaign in Japan in 1974, and since then, families countrywide associate the sight of Christmas trees and holiday caroling with fried chicken family dinners. If you want a slight taste of this same level of cheer, KFC has something special planned that can almost compete with the festive chicken levels seen in Japan. 

According to Chew Boom, KFC has partnered with Uber Eats for a new promotion where they're offering six free tenders on orders of $20 or more if you dine with Uber Eats from December 13 to December 19, 2020. You can't get the free tenders with a $20 order at any restaurant, though. According to Chew Boom, you need to order your meal from KFC to apply the promotion and with so much chicken, you'll have a lot to celebrate!

A KFC treat for the holidays

If a free order of six chicken tenders can't get you excited for the holiday season, KFC has a few other tricks up their sleeves. A fried chicken dinner and a movie go great together, and thanks to another partnership between Lifetime and KFC, you can soon check out the 15-minute long A Recipe For Seduction, featuring Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders. According to JoBlo, the movie airs on Lifetime on December 13 at 12 p.m. ET, just in time for you to chow down on your six complimentary chicken tenders.

To help roll in the holiday season right, KFC knows just what we want and after such a tough year, we owe it to ourselves to splurge and grab the six extra chicken tenders through Uber Eats. While we may never come to associate the fried chicken chain and Christmas together as strongly as Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken has made our holiday season a bit brighter and gets us excited for the year ahead thanks to this latest promotion.