What You Didn't Know About McDonald's Mighty Wings

As a fast-food chain, McDonald's legacy is undeniable. As per the brand's website, Mickey D's presence across the world is massive. There are basically over 36,000 outlets in more than 100 countries catering to fast-food enthusiasts around the globe. It all started in 1954 when the brand's founder, Ray Kroc, began his journey by opening a tiny burger eatery in California. One of the things that really worked in Kroc's favor was his dedication to serving food that didn't compromise on quality. 

Over the years, McDonald's has experimented with several things. For instance, the brand offered pizza to customers in a bid to win them over in the 1980s by testing them in certain locations. Unfortunately, the McDonald's pizza failed to have the desired impact (via Mental Floss), and the idea was eventually abandoned. Another dish that didn't quite work? The Mighty Wings from McDonald's. Here's everything you need to know.

This McDonald's dish didn't appeal to customers

As highlighted by Business Insider, the brand's chicken wings didn't have the desired impact at all. Launched in the 2000s, the wings were considered to be pricier than other items on the McDonald's menu. For instance, a pack of 10 wings would cost around $9.69, while you would have to cough up $3.69 for three wings and $5.59 for five wings. In comparison, customers were better off buying a couple of burgers for less than $3.69.

Additionally, many customers found the McDonald's Mighty Wings far too spicy and didn't enjoy them because of that. If you think about it, the idea was perhaps not too bad, considering that wings were a novelty item at the store. However, customers didn't really rave about them as much as the brand had hoped. A Reddit user even wrote, "I'm at a small town in the Midwest, and we have a bunch of senior citizens who tried it, and you would've thought hell was breaking loose when you heard them coughing and a couple even going as far as a refund saying they were too spicy." Yikes.