Why Jessica From A Recipe For Seduction Looks So Familiar

The Lifetime network had a major TV event on Sunday – something unprecedented, unexpected, and nearly unbelievable. They teamed up with KFC (yes, the fast food chain) to bring viewers a 15-minute short film titled A Recipe for Seduction. According to Meaww, the plot of this fried chicken-themed romantic thriller involves a young heiress named Jessica with a meddling mother who attempts to set her up with a rich suitor. When the family's hunky new chef rolls into town with his secret fried chicken recipe in tow, Jessica finds herself undeniably smitten and everything changes.

Evil plans between the mother and suitor take shape, steamy kissing scenes abound, and some characters meet a violent end or come close to it anyway. This short film has all the makings of a smash hit but of course, the pièce de résistance was that the sexy chef, played by Mario Lopez, was none other than a young Colonel Harland Sanders. You might be wondering who the actress was that was tapped for such an important role, starring opposite the Colonel. It's likely you've seen her before; here's where.

You've seen Jessica from A Recipe for Seduction on TV and the big screen before

If you could tear your attention away from the drama playing out in Lifetime's A Recipe for Seduction, you might have stopped to wonder about Jessica, the young heiress so enamored with the fried chicken-loving chef. Her real-life name is Justene Alpert and you may have seen her as Gabi in the 2018 romantic comedy The Matchmaker's Playbook (per IMDb).

Or, if you tuned into the Amazon original series Bosch in 2017, you may recognize her as Marissa (via Earn the Necklace). If that doesn't ring any bells, perhaps you've spied Alpert on the arm of her one-time boyfriend, Mason Trueblood, who you'd know from his roles in Glee, Dear White People, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Regardless of where you may have seen Justene Alpert before, A Recipe for Seduction's Jessica has arguably been her most entertaining role yet.