Will Lifetime Make A Recipe For Seduction 2?

In hindsight, it was just a matter of time before A Recipe for Seduction became manifest. After all, KFC is known for playing fast and loose with its real-founder-turned-mascot-character, Colonel Sanders. Over the years, everyone from Reba McEntire to Robocop has donned the esteemed Colonel's white get-up and whiskers, so a hunky Colonel played by A.C. Slater himself isn't really that much of a stretch, is it?

Regardless of the fried chicken-themed inertia that perhaps heralded its arrival, Lifetime's A Recipe for Seduction caught many people unawares. The romantic 15-minute mini-movie shows Mario Lopez's hunky Harland Sanders as a house chef who cooks himself into a fairly traditional tale about a young heiress (Justene Alpert) who's stuck between a wealthy suitor and ... well, you know the drill. It's not how anyone but KFC would necessarily promote fast food, but as the Los Angeles Times points out, the story manages to infuse itself with just enough charm and telenovela oddity to be well worth watching – if only for lines like "Secret's out, chicken man." 

With the mini-movie's oddly addictive nature established, one can't help but wonder: Will there be more where that came from? Will Lifetime one day give the world A Recipe for Seduction 2?  

A Recipe for Seduction seems like a one-off, though that might always change

Unfortunately, at the moment there doesn't appear to be any information about A Recipe for Seduction 2 out there, so we may never find out how the story continues for Hot Harland Sanders. However, that's not to say that the story won't continue in some shape, form, or way.  

While you might disagree with the actor Lifetime cast as Sanders for the mini-movie, there's no question that the fan reception for A Recipe for Seduction seems to be positive. The charming nonsense of a fast food mascot as a broad-shouldered Lifetime lover boy seems to have resonated with the audiences, and a quick glance at the Twitter hashtag #ARecipeforSeduction shows that the deliberately absurd stylings of the over-the-top setup haven't been lost on the media-savvy viewers. As user @Starkspangles puts it: "I thought the question was 'Why is there a KFC Lifetime movie?' The real question was 'Why was A Recipe for Seduction only 15 minutes long?'"

As such, it wouldn't exactly be shocking to find out that Lifetime and KFC plan to continue the story. Of course, with the fast food franchise's penchant for rapidly replacing its high-profile Colonel Sanders impersonators, there's no telling whether it will be this particular story. Maybe the good Colonel's next romance will be a traditional rom-com or perhaps a deliciously cheesy musical number in which he pines for the woman who's the herbs for his spices.